Over N Over Party Elements Stencil 21-1624

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Each stencil can be reused between 15-20 times depending on the amount of pressure, care of use, distance between the tip of the blasting gun and the stencil, and the type of abrasive (we recommend between 180-220 grit size preferably 220). 

Oh, by the way...did we mention that you can also use these stencils with our Armour Etch glass etching cream, water based paints and even body paints. So check back with us often on the web, to keep up with our newest stencil concepts.


ONO Party Elements 
Part #: 21-1624

Balloons, Shamrocks, Feet, Music notes

Multi Hearts: .75" x 2"
Balloons: .75" x 3"
Music Notes: .50" x 2.25"
Shamrocks: .75" x 3"
Circles: .75" x 2"
Single Balloon, Feet, 2 Stars: .34" x .25"
Single Shamrock, Heart: .50" x 50"
Stars & Swirl: .75" x2.5"
Five Hearts: .25" x 1.75"
Multi Feet: .75" x 3"