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Swarovski Strass Crystal Ball Prisms 8558 -4 sizes

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8  rows of facets

Logo etched for authenticity

  • 20mm=.79 inches
  • 30mm=1.10 inches
  • 40mm=1.57 inches
  • 50mm=2 inches

Swarovski Strass crystals are the best available! All of our Swarovski Strass crystal balls are the 8558 series. The Swarovski Strass series 8558 crystal balls have 8 rows of facets! The rainbows are amazing!

The Emerald and Bordeaux balls are not logo etched. They are machine cut and polished to perfection.The finest prism available!They are optically pure containing no internal streaks or bubbles. The sparkle in this Swarovski crystal from Austria makes it a gorgeous and easy gift or ornament!Has a hole drilled to make hanging simple.Perfect for the tree or window! Swarovski crystal balls have the most facets which in turn creates the BEST rainbows!

The Daniel Swarovski company of Austria was founded in 1895. Swarovski excels at making beautiful crystal in many forms!  Our crystals are crafted of the same purest crystal available, and precision finished to provide you with years of delight. The superior quality of the cutting and polishing of crystal pieces has made Swarovski a world leader in the production of beautiful crystal.